On Saturday the 4th of June I, Mariana and Benjamin had a fantastic day out. Benjamin and I had an opportunity to go and meet all the England players and Switzerland players it was amazing to be a mascot!!!

I came to school to meet with my two teachers Miss Vargassoff and Mr Doughty. Benjamin’s parents were also there. Then we were all together ready to go to Wembley Stadium but we didn’t knew that we were going in a limousine. We felt like famous people, we had drinks also a TV in the limousine.

We finally arrived to Wembley stadium. All of us went out of the limousine and walked to the reception because we didn’t know were to go. So we said we have two children to be mascot for the game today and they said for us to wait a little bit. Meanwhile we waited and had pictures taken by Miss Vargassoff, Mr Doughty and Benjamin parents. After a while they called us and they gave us  the tickets and a pass to say who were we and what we were doing there. After they left me in changing rooms and some children were trying to see the players. Then we were practising in the room. After all this we were about to go out side but there were cameras filming so we couldn’t, but we couldn’t leave because any minute we were going to hold a football player’s hand.

We went to a room next to the Switzerland team. They decided that we should have are lunch first then practise later on but then the other staff said that we could go because the cameras were finished filming so we went out side instead of having our lunch. One of the children asked the staff when we were going to get change into the kits and the staff said after we have are lunch because if we use the kits then they we get dirty and we wont have time to change again. So we went out side when I got half way out of the tunnel I could see the stadium it was so big imagine when there is 90,000 people watching you and more thousands of people watching you from the TV.

A while later we went to have our lunch we had crisps, mars bars, sandwiches with ham and butter, juice and a apple. We had a rule if you didn’t want to eat some thing from your lunch box you would put it on a table so that other people could eat it or save it for later. It was at this time that every one was waiting to know which team they would be mascots for. Also we were told we would get a ball and some gifts. The staff said we would be in two lines, one for the England team and the other one for the Switzerland team. Benjamin and were I with the Switzerland team, but I got to meet the England player closely it was really good it wasn’t good it was amazing!!!!

We all got changed and then we got to practise only once. Suddenly we heard a big warning then the players came out of the changing room. It was fantastic seeing them, they asked us how we were and I we were patiently waiting for the rest of the players. I got to hold a Switzerland player’s hand, I didn’t knew his name but I know his t-shirt number it was 23 and I think Benjamin’s was number 7.

When I saw all those people cheering for their favourite player it was so loud that the staff had to do signs to us so that we could get out on the pitch! There was a man that came and shook all the players’ hands. Then it was over and we were going inside to go and get our bags and our tickets for the match. We all watched the match and supported England the score was 2-2. At the end we went home in the limousine and I told everyone in my family what happened and I got to call my dad and some of my family to tell them about it.

It was a fantastic day and I would like to do it again. It was the best day of my life I enjoyed it very much.

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